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Child safety on the internet is so important! How can you allow your children to keep in touch with friends from school online and ensure their safety? With Kid Safe ConnectTM!

FamilyKid Safe ConnectTM allows you to create accounts for your children while you (the parent/gardian) have compltete control of who they can connect with. This is a full permissions based messaging application. Includes Kid Safe Connect Chat - a Desktop application where your children can chat with the friends you approve of, and keeps all records available for you to review. At anytime you can change permissions.


Kid Safe ConnectTM is FREE! No information will at anytime be used other than to send you updates about the application which you can also control. I have no desire to solicit products or services, or to make a profit from this service.

I have always wanted my children to make good friends and stay connected to their friends, but safety was always my concern. I do not want them on social networks that require them to have an email address and allow them to manage their own permissions. Most parents don't. But most parents like me do not want to completely cut them off from safe internet browsing and chatting with friends.


Other ways this application allows your children to stay connected is through their schools. Teachers can create accounts as well. Teachers can message parents by choosing their school and class. Kids can connect with other students to work on homework assignments.


This application is intended above all to give your children the ability to have their own channel of communication and have fun while parents can see all messages and chats and control all permissions for their children. When your children grow up then there are other Social Networks that give them more freedom, but this site is for parents who want to ensure that kids can safely connect.